A downloadable Memory challenge for Android

    Remember Me is a simple style puzzle game. Mainly the use of memory, as well as exercise!

     You need to click the box with the top showing the number. Each round, the first click on the box before you need to remember all the numbers of the position,  after you click all the numbers on the box will disappear. If the box is clicked correctly, you can eliminate the box. Otherwise you will fail, you will need to start from scratch, you can also watch the screen ads from the current level to continue, but the number of views is limited, eliminate the end will start the next round, the number of blocks will be added up to 56. Come and challenge!

Install instructions

This is a very simple game, you can run on the Android phone, as long as not very old phone. Thank you for downloading this game, hope to bring a good experience!


rememberme.apk 22 MB

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